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SOFTUSION is a Software Applications Development company, we provide end-to-end automated solutions for business and management processes to our clients. Our area of services include softweare development, web applications, website designs, SE optimization and Social Medial management.

Customized Solution
for Hospitals

Module-Based, Comprehensive and Easy-to-Use HMIS Solution
with the optimal cost/performance ratio

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In-Patient Management

Fully Customized, Web-based & User-Friendly
Wards and Emergency Management Application

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Out Patient Management

Combination of EPM and EHR designed to
facilitate doctors’ daily OPD patiens and practice

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Pharmacy & Diagnostics

Intelligent & Integrated Pharmacy & Diagnostics Management
With excellent Inventory Control and Accounts Management

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Integrated, web-based & effcient
scheduling of OT & ICU

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Paperless Environment
for both doctors and patients

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A Futuristic, Cutting-edge and Integrated Hospital Management System

Solution for all e-Practice Management (EPM) and e-Health Records (EHR) Needs

e-Practice Management

Automated schedules of doctors, shifts management, patients registrations and e-Prescriptions.

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e-Health Records

Electronic patients' health records, medical history, diagnostic results and visit records.

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e-Diagnostic Results

Lab Tests and Radiology results with integration capabilities for internal or external diagnostic centers.

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e-Medical Billing

Excellent accounts and inventory control system including billings, payments, doctors' shares, etc.

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Pick and Choose any or all of Med2TEC's five integrated but independent modules based on your specific needs.

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Med2TEC Modules

In Patient (IPD) & ICU Management

Wards and ICU Management, Admissions, Transfers, Discharge, Billings, Patients’ Demographics and Registration, Electronic Prescriptions, Linkages to Pharmacy & Lab, etc. Read More

Out Patient (OPD) Services

Doctors' shifts & fee management, Appointment scheduling, SMS reminders, Electronic Prescriptions, Patients’ Electronic Health Record (EHR), Patient's Online Portal, etc. Read More

Operation Theater Management

OT and Surgeries scheduling, Doctors & Staff reservations, Patients’ Demographics, Booking of Medicines, Equipment and Instruments, Payments and Billings, etc. Read More

Pharmacy Management

Medicines Sale Management, Linkages with OPD/IPD Prescriptions, Patients' Medication History, Inventory Management, Automatic Purchase Orders, Stock Reports, etc. Read More

Diagnostics Management

Lab/Radiology Tests and Results Management, Linkages with OPD/IPD Test Requests, Patients' History, Linkages with external Labs, Patients' Portal, Quality Checks, etc. Read More

Key Benefits of Med2TEC


Med2TEC provides simplified access to patient records (Bar Code ID Card System) and other administrative information for those who need it. It provides Patient's Health Information at one point for timely and effective patient services and sets a standard for patient care, making it more consistent across the board.


Med2TEC simplifies the process of patient management by facilitating coordinated case management processes. For example, information about a patient under the care of several doctors is available to all, in real-time, whenever required. Med2TEC also effectively minimizes user effort for common clinical and administrative tasks, including entry of patient demographics, clinical overviews and general patient data.


Access to the right information at the right time is critical for the management of complex tasks as patient care. Lack of timely and accurate information hinders decision-making and effective management of processes, thus decreasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of processes. The automation of complex tasks & workflow with critical information is a key focus of the Med2TEC system. In all these processes, real-time data is available at all times, ensuring the right information at the right time, through a web/server based mechanism.


The integrated design of Med2TEC ensures that data is available between different departments. For example prescriptions and tests requests are available to the Pharmacy, Labs or Radiology for instant response, Linkage between OPD, Emergency and IPD Admissions, etc. For a healthcare organisation to function at the highest level, this optimised workflow is critical.


The increased standardization of hospital management information systems improves cost control by improving efficiency and productivity. For example, Personnel costs and inventory levels can be reduced through the avoidance of duplications and repetitions. This also helps in maximizing human resources, freeing the staff to spend more time on caring for patients and extending the reach of services.


Duplicate patient records and multiple administrative registers are a very expensive burden for the hospital. They cause clinical errors and financial delays that cost millions of rupees in redundant medical tests and wasted resources. Integrated Modules of Med2TEC are most efficient in reducing the duplication of records among different departments, providing access to patient health information through an MI Card. One Patient - One Record.